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At Weatherly Casting, we recognize the importance of accurate and precise alloy compositions.

That's why we test 100 percent of our alloy batches.

We conduct spectrographic analysis to ensure that the pre-pour chemistry is correct. Alloy composition is determined and controlled through the use of optical emission spectroscopy. Our Thermo Scientific ARL 3460 and SPECTROMAX spectrometers have 30 analytical channels. Point-and-click technology simplifies operation of this sophisticated instrument.

Meltdown chemistries are determined and automatically compared to stringent target compositions. Heat adjustments are immediately identified and alloy additions made, then re-checked for confirmation of accuracy.

All melt chemistries are confirmed to meet or exceed specification before furnace tapping and mold pouring, and all castings are coded by date for traceability to metal chemistry, heat treatment, and hardness.

We prepare metallurgic samples for photomicrographs, laboratory heat treatment, mechanical testing, and Brinell and Rockwell hardness tests, and we also conduct laboratory sand testing for process control of the molding operation.

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